Coiled tubing and pumping services

Bringing a fresh approach to safety, environmental and operational concerns within the global coiled tubing industry, ALTUS Intervention has taken the lead with provision of equipment that will improve reliability, safety and efficiency.

Our innovative new generation coiled tubing equipment encompasses all of the industry’s requirements as a standard feature, in addition to meeting all the criteria of superior safety, technical, operational, logistical and commercial specifications that you need for the job.

Equipment features include:

  • Fifth generation injector heads
  • Job modeling and ‘real time’ pipe fatigue monitoring
  • Full data acquisition including well and operating parameters located in control cabin
  • Emergency stop system linked to operating parameters
  • Enhanced systems for depth and weight accuracy
  • Coil detector on riser
  • CCTV system
  • Drop in drum split lift reels
  • Mechanical pipe stabbing system
  • Hydraulic telescoping gin poles

Pumping Services

ALTUS Intervention offer a full range of fluid pumping equipment performing a variety of pumping services whilst comprehensively enhancing the planning, execution and reporting of such activity.

A full range of services is offered including stimulation, scale inhibition, acidising, fracing, cementing, water/cuttings injections and all other general fluid pumping applications. Our comprehensive range of equipment provides best in class service for each application, whilst enhancing the safety and operational performance.

Our range of pumping services available worldwide include:

Pumping services
Scale inhibition pumping
Stimulation and cementing services
Mud pumping / cuttings injection
Support to all other service lines

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United Kingdom

Coiled Tubing & Pumping Manager
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Donald Kellock

United Kingdom

CT&P Technical Specialist
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