Process services

ALTUS Intervention provide a suite of services which can assist operations throughout the life of a facility from start-up to abandonment.

Helium leak detection services
A combined nitrogen purge with a helium leak test is used in the commissioning and start-up of onshore and offshore process plants throughout the world. ALTUS Intervention nitrogen pumps are rated at 180,000scf/hr and capable of working to 10,000psi. They are soundproofed to 80dB(A) and built to the highest standards, meeting all current legislation. The helium leak detection (HLD) equipment that is used by ALTUS Intervention includes the latest mass spectrometer technology, offering superior accuracy and reliability. On average, a leak can be detected, logged and the mass spectrometer can be reset within 20 seconds. This accuracy and reliability is then passed on to clients who can commission the plant knowing that it is truly leak free.

Our HLD services can be used to undertake:

  • Pressure testing
  • Leak detection
  • Valve seat leakage
  • Start-up
  • Shutdown / turnaround


  • Latest pdf over writer so that test packs are clear, simple to rework and fully electronic
  • Software for data acquisition and logging of test history
  • Integration of leak reports with flange management software
  • Electronic library built up to simplify repeated engineering tasks

Bolt torque / bolt tensioning
We use the latest torque and tensioning technology to deliver safe, reliable flange management solutions.

This includes:

  • Using a ‘best in class’ flange management programme (TTS controller)
  • Offering full traceability for the lifecycle of the joint. Can be applied project to project or as a ‘long term’ solution as part of ongoing asset management
  • Compatible leak testing reports for full joint history
  • Torque and tensioning equipment chosen for function and durability
  • Bolting containers complete with bolt torque and bolt tensioning equipment to cover bolt diameters from 1/2” up to 3 1/2” diameters, including low profile tooling and all sockets and fittings
  • Onsite machining – trained, competent and experienced manpower are available to operate our modern fleet of in-situ pipecutting, weld prepping and flange facing machines

In-situ machining
Portable in-situ machining solutions including flange facing, pipe cutting and bevelling.


  • Workshop container
  • Complete with spares
  • Contingency allows for safe and organised work site
  • Unique way of presenting bolting equipment

Pipe freezing and pipework isolation services
Pipe freezing is a method whereby pressure resistant plugs are formed by freezing a liquid within a pipe. This is achieved by using an externally applied coolant, such as nitrogen. These ice plugs may be used to provide a temporary isolation, allowing sections of plant or pipeline to be modified, repaired or maintained without the need to take an unnecessary system outage or shutdown.

ALTUS Intervention pipe freezing uses purpose built equipment to:

  • Create an isolation where there is no or limited existing isolation
  • Prove isolation by pressure test prior to ‘opening up’ the process system
  • Apply the plug for minutes, days or weeks once frozen
  • Offer improved manual handling
  • Be able to ‘wheel’ Dewar’s into confined areas and be fully DNV certified for lifting / rigging into positions not normally accessible
  • Carry out trials to determine feasibility of a project prior to going offshore. Results can be confirmed by 3rd party metallurgist on request


  • Dewar’s are fully DNV certified for lifting / rigging into position
  • We have carried out an extensive programme of ‘controlled temperature’ pipe freezes to widen possible applications

Nitrogen purging services
Nitrogen purging and helium leak testing are used as the cornerstone services of shutdown, commissioning and start-up of onshore and offshore process plants throughout the world. Our nitrogen pumps are rated at 180,000scf/hr and the majority of our LN2 tanks can be stacked. Our pumps are soundproofed to 80dB(A) and built to the highest modern standards, meeting all current legislation. We offer helium leak testing using the latest mass spectrometer and handheld leak detection devices and offer a range of solutions capable of improvement on traditional testing philosophies. We deliver nitrogen solutions with quality at the core of every operation.

We can provide the following services:

  • Nitrogen purging
  • Pressure testing
  • Leak detection
  • Electronic leak test records
  • Valve seat leakage
  • Trickle purges
  • Accelerated reactor cooldowns


  • LN2 tanks have no ‘back-fill’ connection for improved safety
  • ALTUS Intervention has the newest fleet of equipment available in the UK

Onshore and offshore refrigerant recovery
We can recover and replenish refrigerant systems on or offshore using our newly built refrigerant vapour recovery unit. Using the ‘push-pull’ removal method to transfer liquids and vapours, we can quickly remove a systems inventory. The refrigerant is then stored in tanks and once the system is ready for use, re-injected into the system. Capable of transferring 300kg/hour of vapour, the vapour recovery unit is certified for use in Zone 2 hazardous conditions enabling it to be operated in ‘live’ plant conditions.

  • Fully contained removal, storage and re-injection of refrigerant such as R22
  • Zone 2 rated for use in hazardous areas
  • Can be deployed on land or offshore

Specialist flushing and cleaning services

Chemical cleaning

  • We work together with its customers and suppliers to find the most environmentally friendly solutions for tackling the presence of unwanted scale deposits and coatings
  • Modern technology and chemistry are giving us new and improved chemicals together with procedures and handling techniques to meet environmental legislation and standards


  • New fully integrated dual Chemical Cleaning units complete with onboard filtration and heating (which can clean 2 separate systems at once)

Video inspection

  • Awkward and inaccessible places of process plant can be made visible
  • We have a wide range of visual inspection equipment
  • Equipment is complemented by documentation and CD’s, PC software, video reporting and photographs.


  • High pressure jetting hoses can be used with both static and rotating nozzles and fluid supplied by either electric or diesel driven pumps.
  • We can supply jetting equipment capable of working to ultra high pressures for the removal of inner preservation coatings and paint.
  • Procedures such as these can also be used on external surfaces reducing the need for sand blasting.

Hot oil flushing

  • We can provide clients with units to clean lube oil, wellhead control and other piping and tubing systems.
  • Full range of system cleaning solutions are offered, to meet cleanliness standards ISO4406 and AS4059.
  • Pressure delivery can be suited to all pipeline dimensions and configurations
  • Flushing units can be used both offshore and onshore

After a period of careful planning by our experienced staff, we will render a system clean by applying the optimum pressure, flow delivery, filtration and temperature needed to remove particulate contamination in the most efficient way (particle removal via turbulent flow). This saves time during system commissioning and optimises system reliability in the long term.


  • We offer a comprehensive remote monitoring, alert and remediation service for hydraulic / lube oil systems
  • Dual oil and water based unit in a single skid

Equipment operated by us is newly manufactured and of field proven design. We believe this is a key component of our success as the equipment will have maximum operational reliability and function. Our people have extensive experience in the services we provide. We have one of the newest and largest nitrogen equipment fleets dedicated to the North Sea including an array of tanks, pumps, A60 helium leak detection cabins and hand held leak detectors. We operate the latest generation of bolting technology and flange management software to provide the highest quality joint management.