Vacuum testing

ALTUS Intervention is offering a new and innovative service in vacuum testing for flexible riser.

Vacuum testing is a specialist technique to monitor the condition of annulus of a flexible riser to identify the threat of corrosion fatigue and take proactive measures to design and plan repair work. The annulus, when flooded, can dramatically reduce the original design life of the flexible riser, with associated lost time and cost issues, and safety and environmental implications.

The annulus region of flexible pipe frequently becomes fluid flooded due to a number of reasons:

  • Damage of external sheath during installation
  • Damage to the external sheath from dropped objects
  • Rupture of external sheath from an improper annulus vent system
  • Leaking end fittings
  • Accidental fluid ingress from the topside annulus vent system
  • Water permeation from the riser bore

Carrying out this service safely and effectively whilst the flexible riser is still online is challenging, along with having limited space onboard installations for the testing equipment to be set up to conduct the testing operations.

At ALTUS Intervention our equipment has been designed to operate while the flexible riser is either on or offline. It was also designed with restricted deck space in mind, allowing us to have a test spread which can be easily transported and can be set up and utilised in small areas. We can now offer clients a flexible riser annuli vacuum which is compact, easy to operate, reliable and gives real time data.