Wireline services

ALTUS Intervention have since the first contract award in 1980 been in continuous growth and are now the biggest supplier of wireline, mechanical slickline and e-line services on the Norwegian Contintental Shelf (NCS). Our equipment fleet includes more than 30 complete wireline packages including pressure control equipment. Several of the winches are fully electrical. Our systems are state-of-the art technology, with integrated operations (IO) in all systems.

Well intervention by means of wireline is a cost efficient method of reaching operational objectives. The tools and equipment are conveyed into wells either through an “open hole” without surface pressure, or through special pressure retaining equipment which allows the toolstrings to be conveyed into live wells with full production pressure. Wireline services encompass slick, braided and electric line, plus specialised services such as H2S service and heavy-duty units for fishing.

ALTUS Intervention has been operational on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) since 1980, and has gained extensive experience throughout the years. We are the biggest supplier of wireline services on the NCS, and we are continuously expanding our areas of operations.

Our wireline equipment fleet exists of state-of-the-art technology with more than 30 complete packages including pressure control equipment (up to 15k), including fully electric driven winches. The winches can be operated as remote-controlled where the operators can operate the winch from a remote location, supervising the operation through cameras and with several monitors displaying the operational parameters. The operational parameters can be transferred live to other locations like an integrated operation (IO) center.

All our equipment comply with the NORSOK Standards.

Typical operations are:
Deployment of downhole e-line tools as:

  • Perforating
  • Tubing punchers
  • Tubing cutters
  • Plug setting
  • Logging
  • Wireline Tractor and associated services

Mechanical operations as:

  • Gauge runs
  • Sleeve shifting
  • Plug setting/ retrieval
  • Straddles setting/ retrieval
  • Well clean-up
  • Fishing operations
  • Side pocket operations


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Bård Fitje


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