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ALTUS Intervention has been running a continuous development programme for tractors and tractor applications since 1998. In 1999, AC tractors were abandoned with the introduction of PowerTrac® DC tractor technology, which was superseded by PowerTrac® Advance™ tractors in January 2003. The PowerTrac® Advance™ release was a major milestone in our wireline tractor history, introducing a tractor which has the best performance combination in the industry.

In the last decade there has been a significant increase in drilling extended reach and horizontal wells which has challenged traditional wireline operations. We are a leading developer and provider of cost effective intervention solutions for such wells.

The PowerTrac®Advance™ wireline tractor and associated services have made a significant contribution to the reduction of operational costs compared with the use of alternative methods.

Why wireline tractors?
The wireline tractor is a deployment tool used to push well intervention equipment several kilometres along highly deviated and horizontal sections of oil or gas wells. This cutting edge technology can in many cases eliminate the need for more heavy-equipped and expensive coiled tubing operations, saving our clients both time and money, and HSE risk is reduced to a minimum.

Wireline tractor technology
The PowerTrac® Advance™ wireline tractor is deployed on any standard e-line cables and is compatible with most 3rd party tools, being flexible and fit for numerous types of operations.

In addition to equipment conveyance the tractor technology development is steadily progressing, expanding the range of our services. Scale milling, brushing, honing and tools for removal of debris in the wellbore utilising a rotational tractor are cost-effective, time saving services compared to traditional methods. Other services like Gas-Lift Valve replacement and shifting of Sliding Sleeves in horizontal sections are now possible utilising the PowerTrac® Stroker, also an ALTUS Intervention developed tool.

In 2009 we introduced the PowerTrac® Advance™ 434 open hole tractor – a tractor that is able to operate in open hole wells with the ability to reverse in case the cable is key-seated. In the same year we also introduced Logging while Tractoring (LwT) – a ground-breaking new technology that makes it possible to log in real time simultaneously as the tractor is operating, all on a standard single conductor wireline.

Cost comparisons conducted by the Well Intervention Department have shown that the company saves approximately NOK 500 million annually on such operations -www.statoil.com


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