THE Altus intervention STORY

At Altus Intervention we have worked directly with energy companies for over 40 years, evolving our delivery models, service scopes and technologies, often in the most challenging of environments. During this time we have seen well intervention strategies become a core discipline for operators to improve returns and of course address the many unforeseen issues that can arise in well performance.

As a mature and challenging basin, the North Sea has in many respects been a trailblazer in setting standards for new techniques and technologies as operators have established sustained and managed intervention campaigns. With our heritage proudly developed in this basin we have since expanded internationally and today solve intervention challenges across the world – from Deepwater Gulf of Mexico and the North American shale plays to deviated well in the Middle East and offshore intervention in Malaysia. 

We currently employ 1100 people globally with operations across 4 regions: UK & West Africa, Norway & Denmark, Americas and Middle East & Asia Pacific.

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Critical to our success has been a sustained programme to invest and develop our people and technology. We have a highly-skilled workforce whose in-depth knowledge and experience are vital to delivering a slick and efficient operation. Our execution model is further supported by a modern asset fleet where an investment in both intervention equipment and innovative proprietary technology products ensures best-in-class delivery across all our service lines. 

In 2014 we performed a reassessment of our technology strategy which led to a comprehensive four-year R&D program in which we pursued advances across the conveyance, rotational and manipulation services provided by our proprietary e-line Tractor and Precision Mechanical Application Technologies.

The technology development was built on a digital platform architecture:

•        targeting optimization of electrical power for task performance improvement,

•        enabling seamless tool integration, synchronization and mode switching, and

•        leveraging instrumentation for real-time operational insight, diagnostics, and control.

These, along with other key elements such as modularity, single run multi-functionality and remote collaboration resulted in our recently commercialized PRIME™ Technology Platform, redefining what is possible from an e-line deployed intervention technology suite.

We are the well intervention specialists. Our experience, technologies and techniques enable us to work smarter, adapting and delivering real change operationally and commercially. Our employees around the world play an active role in the success of our business and our culture is the foundation of everything we do and how we do it, it’s The Altus Way. Visit The Altus Way to meet our teams and learn more.


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