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Training Course:

Wireline Course


5 Days


This course provides a general introduction to wireline operations and is recommended for personnel that require a more in-depth understanding of the subject. The course includes practical running of wireline in our training well.

The course contains the following subjects:

  • Completion
  • Overview wireline
  • Surface Equipment
  • Pressure Control Equipment
  • Cable Slick line, Braided line Cable Management
  • Down hole equipment
  • Standard mechanical tool string
  • Running and pulling tools
  • Jar, Accelerator and Stem weight bars, Pulling tool, Kick over tool, Bailer
  • Well Barriers / Well Control
  • Wireline operations, practical training
  • Tractor technology - Tractor/Equipment
  • Tractor operation and maintenance
  • Tractor application
  • Tractor job planning
  • Rig up different wireline scenarios
  • Wireline operations
  • Wireline operation in HPHT wells
  • Wireline Fishing

Practical information

Lunch is included in the course fee. We supply the necessary personal safety equipment, but we recommend to bring your own safety shoes if preferred.