Altus Intervention a Nominated Finalist for Technology Award

One of the many innovations to come from the company’s renowned well intervention technology platform has been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2017 ICoTA Europe Innovation Awards. The award recognises the application of technological innovation in the area of well intervention. 

The PrecisionExpander has been developed to safely repair operational damage of completion components that hinder completion functionality or restrict well access, removing the costly need of pulling the completion. The tool is deployed via an E-Line platform – light on logistics, personnel and time, and positioned at the defect with eLine correlation accuracy.

This simple yet highly effective innovation has been successfully deployed recently for a major offshore operator in the North Sea to rectify two very different and challenging completion issues that had led to the wells being shut in.   The PrecisionExpander in-well repair enabled subsequent intervention resulting in the wells being brought back onto production, hence delivering huge value to the customer.

Stuart Murchie, EVP Technology Commercialisation, Altus Intervention, stated:

The PrecisionExpander tool development demonstrates the value in our integrated technology as-a-service model. From the tool’s inception to deployment, we have risen to the challenge and delivered a light yet fully effective and highly valuable solution for our customer.


ICoTA Europe

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