Case Study:

Integrated Services

Award winning integrated 24-well P&A campaign

2020 - 2021
PowerTrac 318, PrecisionStroker 318, DECT, RBT, Coiled Tubing Lift Frame


  • A remote, large-scale P&A project comprising of 14 platform wells across two platforms and 10 subsea wells.
  • No platforms drilling package or infrastructure available.
  • Limited deck space due to production process equipment.
  • Restricted POB due to lack of accommodation.
  • Rigless, standalone platforms abandonment strategy.

Altus Intervention was selected as Well Intervention Services provider in support of the Lead Well Engineering Contractor, AGR Well Management, the subsequent winner of ‘The OGUK Award for Excellence in Decommissioning’, on behalf of the Operator, PSE Kinsale Energy Limited.


Following an early review of the scope of work, Altus Intervention determined, given the operating constraints within the dual confines of space and accommodation, that the Altus Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Services (iMS) model would effectively service the scope of work whilst minimising POB and equipment. The crew capability catered for slickline, e-line, tractor, and PMA service provisions, covering planned and contingent operations:

  • Multi-line surface conveyance
  • Setting mechanical isolations inc. ME/HE bridge plugs
  • Third-party tool conveyance
  • Intelligent crown plug removal
  • Cement bond logging
  • Tubing cutting (mechanical)
  • In addition, Coiled Tubing was available as a contingency service provision.


The combined platform and subsea P&A campaigns were successfully completed within the Operator’s overall schedule, notwithstanding the additional challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The multi-disciplined 3/Shift iMS crews approach resolved both the POB and services challenge by reducing crew size by some 18% whilst covering 100% of required campaign services.

  • 24 platform and subsea wells
  • 114 runs in hole, only 9 hours NPT across the whole project
  • 8 x stroker runs to pull crown plugs
  • 10 x DECT runs to cut tubing
  • 19 x RBT runs to log casing cement

Despite the logistical challenges, the Altus team ensured an efficient, safe and reliable operation. Having a combined e-line/slickline crew helped greatly with the frequent changes between SL/EL and collaboration between all parties both offshore and onshore was excellent.

Laurie Phillips, Well Team Leader, AGR Well Management