Case Study:

Wire & Cable Deployment

Customised Solution For Ultra Heavy Duty Fishing

Ultra Heavy Duty Fishing

specialist tooling designed for esso angola fishing job 


  • Assembly recovered IN a single run
  • Customised solution for optimised results


To recover a tractor, stroker and milling motor string that had become stuck when the cable head release mechanism failed during an E-Line intervention. As there were multiple weak points within the fish string tool, selection was paramount and jars had to be configured to the required force to eliminate stress failure of the fish string components.



Working closely with Esso and another service provider, an UItra Heavy Duty (UHD) 5/16” Braided Line fishing package was designed to apply the optimum force to the assembly without overstressing the components of the fish string. This bespoke innovation was developed and entered a rigorous testing programme, complete with contingencies, for each well to ensure success. Upon successful testing, the package was mobilised to Angola for deployment.


The knowledge and experience that enabled the UHD tool’s optimised design, as well as subsequent testing, ensured a successful operation as the tractor, stroker and milling motor assembly was recovered in its entirety in a single run.

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