Case study Tractor Conveyance

Diagnostic and perforation conveyance operation executed with significant time savings

Country Norway
Year 2018
Technology PowerTrac® PRIME Tractor, Production Logging Tools, Perforation Guns

PowerTrac® PRIME conveyance technology reduces tractor conveyance time by 55% in highly deviated North Sea well

Total tractored distance –7,814ft (2,382m)

High tractor speeds achieved – maximum 120ft/min (36m/min)


The client was preparing to bring a new production well on line. The well was highly deviated, completed using ball drop activated multistage frac sleeves and Side Pocket Mandrels. In order to pump down the ball, open the sleeves and commence the stimulation phase it was required first to perforate the toe.  The client also wanted a record of the Pressure and Temperature in the well before perforation. 



Altus Intervention recommended the new e-line deployed electrohydraulic PowerTrac® PRIMETM tractor. This offered material operational time savings due to market-leading tractor conveyance speeds and intelligent in-well speed/force optimization capabilities. Furthermore, the completion design required tandem tractors to be deployed to ensure successful navigation across the side pocket mandrels. The inherent tandem tractor capability of the PowerTrac® PRIMETM tractor enabled by its in-well drive section control meant that a single tractor could be deployed to get the job done.



PowerTrac® PRIMETM was used for both runs – conveying the production logging tools and the perforation guns successfully over a cumulative distance of 7814ft (2382m), reaching a maximum tractor speed of 118ft/min (36m/min) with an average of 96ft/min (29.5m/min). These increased speeds resulted in a considerable reduction of tractor conveyance time of 55% when compared to conveyance speeds of conventional tractor technology.

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