Case Study:

Precision Mechanical Applications

Eliminating the High Cost & Risk in Completion Retrieval

PrecisionExpander, PrecisionStroker

PrecisionExpander tool rectifies completion damage in-well enabling previously attempted straddle intervention to be completed successfully


  • 90% Reduced GoR
  • X2 Expected Oil Production

"This was a rapidly developed, well planned and successfully executed technology repair solution from Altus Intervention. It enabled a critical intervention to then be carried out, recovering a well and delivering huge value all round. Well done!"

Intervention Engineer, Major North Sea Operator


An unexpectedly high GOR from a new well delivering gas beyond topside gas capacity was to be controlled through the deployment of a straddle packer assembly. This planned workover solution was unsuccessful when the straddle hung up in the mid-completion muleshoe, requiring the well to be shut in until a solution could be devised. A subsequent Multifinger caliper run confirmed the muleshow had been damaged, marginally dented and ovalized, preventing passage of the straddle packer assembly. The challenge was to recover access without having to pull the completion, enabling deployment of the planned straddle assembly.


The PrecisionExpander, run in conjunction with the PrecisionStroker was designed to generate a cylinder radial force from the stroker’s axial movement. The tool was tested, configured to address the specific completion defect dimensions, and deployed into the well. With the toolstring correlated on depth and positioned adjacent to the defect, an expansion sequence was carried out. Realtime surface readout of key tool parameters indicated the defect had been rectified. Immediately post repair, the expander was set to a specific OD enabling a drift verification to be done.


This rapidly deployed, high value remedial operation rectified the completion defect which enabled the subsequent successful deployment of the originally planned straddle packer assembly. It eliminated the need for a high cost, high risk completion retrieval. It required minimal time for the repair and hence reduced deferred production. The impact of the workover has exceeded expectations in managing the well’s GOR and desired fluid production.