Case Study:

Pipeline & Process

FPSO shutdown completed ahead of schedule

West Aftrica
DFPV, Flange Management, Nitrogen / Helium Gas Testing, Hydrostatic Testing, In-Line Flange Testing


Altus Intervention’s process team was contracted to carry out shutdown services for a client’s FPSO off the west coast of Africa. The remote location and changing COVID-19 restrictions posed challenges for the crew travelling and equipment mobilisation.



Services provided during this shutdown included:

  • Drain, flush, purge and vent (DFPV)
  • Flange Management
  • In-Situ Machining
  • Nitrogen / Helium Gas Testing
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • In-Line Flange Testing

In excess of 1000 joints ranging from ½” to 24” were disturbed, tightened and tested successfully without any leaks. Maintenance was carried out on various systems, ranging from compressors, scrubbers, fuel gas, separators and water injection to name but a few, and were managed within the Altus Flange Management System (AIMS).



The shutdown campaign was successfully completed ahead of schedule. The Altus team were praised highly by the client for their can-do attitude and collaboration with all service providers - this was instrumental in delivering the shutdown earlier than planned. Shutdowns are a complex activity. Our clients can rely on us to execute a tightly scheduled and safe operation with first-time quality.