Case Study:

Pipeline & Process

Freon Recovery

Freon (R22) Refrigerant Recovery, Freon Recovery Engineering, Helium Leak Testing

Altus Intervention surpassed client expectation with 14 tons of recoverable liquid.


Freon refrigerant was utilised on the platform to provide process cooling for various vessels. The refrigerant is no longer acceptable and was banned by the Montreal Protocol 1987 for its chlorofluorocarbon & ozone depletion properties.


Altus Intervention were contracted by the client to carry out the removal of all liquid/vapour. An estimated 10 tons combined. Altus Intervention carried out an in-depth site survey to ensure best practices were adopted for this scope due to the toxic nature of Freon. Altus Intervention carried out stringent leak tests on all Freon storage tanks prior to filling to ensure no leakage during transit.


The recovery process was carried out with no spillage to the environment. The full 14-ton inventory was recovered and disposed of.

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