Case Study:

Precision Mechanical Applications

Innovation Enables Wellbore Cleanout in Highly Deviated Well

PowerTrac 318, Orientation Sub, PrecisionSuction 350

Orientated PrecisionSuction Technology successfully cleans out sand from within side pocket mandrel enabling replacement of a faulty gas lift valve in highly deviated well.


  • Light but fully effective E-Line deployed solution
  • Well integrity restored 
  • Rapid delivery of an assured solution


The operator had a leaking gas lift valve which needed replaced in order to restore the integrity of the well. The side pocket mandrel was located at a highly deviated part of the well, and was positioned on the low side. In addition, sand debris had accumulated in and around the valve, impairing its retrieval. Previous tests carried out on surface to attempt to latch the valve through sand proved ineffective, even with jarring.



Altus Intervention proposed an innovative solution utilizing an orientation sub run in conjunction with an E-Line deployed PowerTrac 318 and PrecisionSuction technology configuration, incorporating a specifically designed side orientated nozzle. Tests on the designed solution were conducted in Altus Intervention’s innovation as-a-service engineering facility, recreating the deviation, orientation and expected debris. These tests proved to be highly successful, giving the operator confidence in this solution to perform the job.



Following a drift and plug setting run, the PowerTrac 318 and PrecisionSuction technology assembly was deployed and the sand debris was collected from within the mandrel. The subsequent run to pull the valve was successful, as was the deployment of a replacement valve. The operation proved this to be an excellent and highly effective example of a rapidly designed and tested, bespoke, e-line deployed wellbore cleanout and completion manipulation solution. Technology innovation delivered as-a-service.


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