Case Study:

Coiled Tubing & Pumping

Innovative Scale Squeeze Completed from FPSO

Fluid Pumping and Mixing

World’s largest squeeze completed on subsea well from FPSO, removing the need for a LWIV
  • Altus provide Innovative solution for 50,000bbl treatment


Scale build up in a wellbore and the associated production tubing was affecting production on a subsea well.  As such, a treatment had to be designed to remove the scale build up as efficiently and economically as possible to allow the well to be returned to its maximum potential production rate.


Working with the operator, the Altus Intervention engineering team devised an involved approach that eliminated the use of a LWIV.  The LWIV provides a common method for pumping scale squeeze treatments on subsea wells, however, it comes with obvious economic draw backs.  As such, the engineering team dictated that the scale squeeze equipment and chemicals be rigged up on the Anasuria FPSO.  The 50,000bbl treatment, noted to be the world’s largest scale squeeze at the time, was then mixed and pumped directly from the FPSO topsides through a 5.6km pipeline to the target well.


In carrying out the operation as agreed, Altus Intervention was able to assist in reducing overall project lead time and hence provide a significant cost reduction.  The project was completed to schedule and on budget, with no accidents or incidents and has successfully increased field production.

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