Case Study:

Pipeline & Process

Intelligent pigging of multiphase export pipeline

United Kingdom
Pigging spread using HT400 pumps, Pipeline (ILI) tool


The Client required an in-line inspection (ILI) pigging campaign for the 16” multiphase pipeline which connects the Client’s NUI (Normally Unattended Installation) to the production platform. Typically, pigging operations would be carried out between the two platforms. However, due to platform crane weight restrictions and time of year, Altus Intervention in collaboration with the Client, re-engineered the methodology of pigging between the two platforms for the project.


It was proposed to deploy Altus Intervention’s pumping spread from a UTV (Utility Vessel) thereby obviating the restricted crane from operational rig up and operational considerations. A 2” hydraulic power hose would be lifted by the platform crane and hooked onto a frac hanger via a 2” bracket on the platform. The 2” hose was then run along the platform and then tied into the launcher. The in-line inspection tool would then be pumped to the other platform. Altus Intervention’s personnel worked closely with the Client and the vessel crew throughout the operation.


The pig transit and inline inspection were successfully completed. A review of the data gathered was deemed sufficient and used in support of the determination that the pipeline remains fit for purpose and continued operations. The successful delivery of this campaign is testament to the experienced team and great communication between all parties at each operational offshore worksite in addition to both onshore and offshore locations.