Case Study:

Coiled Tubing & Pumping

Multi-well coiled tubing abandonment campaign

Coiled Tubing, Pressure Pumping


The operator required a multi-well coiled tubing campaign to prepare six wells for abandonment before the drilling rig could subsequently fully abandon the wells with the reservoir isolated. Well integrity issues and limited space on the rig had the potential to generate additional hazards unless properly planned for and addressed.


A detailed pre-planning process ensured that the coiled tubing and N2 equipment was spotted and rigged up so as not to be rigged down during movement between wells. Achievements from the job included:

  • Milled out 400ft cement plug in 9 5/8 casing using a DB underreamer on a well with nitrified slick water.
  • Plugged and cemented six wells to isolate the formation.
  • Plugged and cemented through a stuck straddle with a 2.6” ID.
  • Cut tubing using Jet Cutter on five wells at 800ft.
  • Reel skidding system utilized to save time skidding between wells.


The operation was successfully completed with a 40% time saving on the conventional workscope. Six wells were completed in 46 days with 196,655 running feet and no incidents or accidents and no downtime. The reservoir in each of the six wells was safely plugged with cement so that the next phase of the abandonment could be completed using the drilling rig.


"Altus provided consistent expertise and support throughout planning and execution of the campaign. Both onshore support and offshore crews were key in delivering our most efficient well abandonments to date with notable technical successes.”

Abandonment Engineer, North Sea Operator