Case Study:

Coiled Tubing & Pumping

New technology developed for real-time data transfer during coiled tubing operations

Live Link, Coiled Tubing, Real-time coil

  • Real-time data supplied from offshore coiled tubing unit during operations
  • Viewed through a web portal available on any internet-connected device
  • Data available from coiled tubing surface equipment and downhole tools
  • Connects onshore experts with real-time data to allow confident, informed decisions to be made 24/7


As with all downhole operations, those conducted with real-time data can improve operational efficiency and provide more value as downhole uncertainties are reduced or eliminated. It also allows a crew to react quickly to changing conditions and make informed decisions as offshore operations progress. 
Since its introduction in 2013, real-time coil (RtC) has been providing invaluable real-time downhole data on CT jobs.  Now, to further enhance Altus Intervention’s real-time data offering, the operator wanted a real-time data transfer solution for an upcoming coiled tubing (CT) campaign.  It was anticipated that this would lead to a more efficient CT operation with a greater pool of subject matter experts who would be able to analyse real-time data and feedback on possible efficiencies during the job.   
To meet the challenge, it was necessary to transmit data from the CT surface equipment, including the CT control cab and fluid pumps along with parameters from RtC downhole tooling to the onshore team in real-time.



Altus Intervention developed Live Link, a new technology platform. This allowed the RtC downhole data to be merged with surface CT data and transferred to a cloud-based viewing platform. The onshore team were able to view up to 12 individual parameters including CT depth, running speed, surface pressure, downhole pressures, CCL and GR, in real-time, on any internet-enabled device. The data was displayed both numerically and graphically at a frequency of 0.5Hz.  Therefore, Live Link enabled a new level of access to real-time data when conducting CT operations in the field



Data was streamed in real-time during a three-month coiled tubing campaign. Twenty-five CT trips in-hole were transmitted, along with associated surface pressure testing and other points of interest. Live Link successfully allowed the onshore team to analyse the data in real-time and make informed decisions to improve efficiencies where required.  This access to data helped to ensure the project was delivered efficiently and with minimal downtime.