Case Study:

Precision Cleanout

Obstruction removed from well completion

United States
PrecisionCollector 350, PowerTrac 318

PrecisionCollector removes pipe dope and cement in a US land extended reach completion well.
  • Recovered 850 ft of debris
  • Access to full lateral length re-established


The operator required a wellbore cleanout operation prior to shooting guns in a 5000ft long lateral. The client was unable to achieve rate for pump down operations, this can be due to a variety of factors, most commonly due to completion debris.



Altus Intervention recommended the PrecisionCollector to clean the wellbore and re-establish access in order to resume and complete the perforation string conveyance operation. This technology provided a viable and cost-effective solution which compared favourably against the more time-consuming coiled tubing deployed option. Furthermore, the PrecisionCollector was already on site as a proactive measure taken by our US team, and so was available for immediate application. The PrecisionCollector was run in hole and tractored to within 60ft of TD. The PrecisionCollector was then activated and began the cleanout operation. At surface the PrecisionCollector bailers had collected a mix of pipe dope and cement.



The PrecisionCollector successfully dislodged, collected and removed 850 ft of debris from the well in the first run. This saved the client a run where it would not have been possible to make it to the bottom first time with guns. After the cleanout run, the subsequent tractor conveyance of the perforation string was deployed. Altus Intervention’s rapid deployment saved the client considerable operational downtime and costs associated with waiting for alternative cleanout solutions.