Case Study:

Pipeline & Process

Pigging Program Restarts Production

Front End Engineering, Pressure Pumping and Pigging, Flooding, Cleaning and Gauging, Hydro Testing and Strength Testing

  • Successful pigging programme enables continued production
  • 42km pigging loop cleaned to less than 30 ppm


To de-oil and hydrotest TAQA’s 42km pigging loop where the lines had to be cleaned to below 30 parts per million (ppm) in water. 


A pigging programme to remove all wax and hydrocarbons from the line was actioned. As the lines were not in production, the 42km loop had to be pigged with flooding pumps using chemically-treated seawater. Samples were taken after every pig run and once the lines were cleaned to below 30 ppm oil in water, the loop was pressure-tested. 


The pressure-test was successful and TAQA restarted production at a lower maximum operating pressure until the lines were replaced later in the year. In June 2013, Altus Intervention returned to de-oil the lines to ensure that no hydrocarbons were released to the sea when the divers disconnected the lines subsea. 

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