Case study Tractor Conveyance

Efficient plug setting and pipe cutting operation in highly deviated well

Country Norway
Year 2019
Technology PowerTrac® PRIME Tractor, Plug Setting and Cutting Tools


In preparation for a permanent Plug and Abandonment operation the client first required to secure the well using a deep-set plug, followed by cutting the tubing above the production packer to enable tubing retrieval. The well had a maximum deviation of 90 degrees. With P&A cost reductions a focus for the client, operational time saving was a key priority.



Altus Intervention recommended its new electrohydraulic PowerTrac® PRIME Tractor to execute the tractor conveyance required for these eline operations. With over 12,000ft (3700m) of total tractoring required, the high conveyance speeds and intelligent in-well speed/force optimization capabilities provided by the PowerTrac® PRIME Tractor, offered material time savings.



On the first run the PowerTrac® PRIME Tractor conveyed the plug a distance of 7,266ft (2,215m) achieving a maximum tractor speed of 107ft/min (32m/min) with an average of 91ft/min (28m/min).  This was followed by the cutter run, for which similarly impressive maximum and average tractor speeds were achieved. The average conveyance speed resulted in a 50% reduction of tractor conveyance time when compared to conventional tractor conveyance technology.

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