Case Study:

Tractor Conveyance

PowerTrac reduces tractor conveyance time by 40%

US Land Operations
PowerTrac 318 Select

PowerTrac 318 with optimized “Select” capability slashes tractor conveyance times in the US land horizontal well market.


  • 40% time saving
  • > 90 operations Q4 ‘17 - Q1‘18


When configuring tractor assemblies for highly deviated or horizontal conveyance, the tractor power required to deliver the conveyed passenger toolstring to the target depth in the well is determined by the weight of the toolstring, the tortuosity of the well trajectory and the extent of the target depth. Tractor power requirements are determined by pre-job planning software, and the tractor toolstring is configured and set accordingly prior to RIH; however, the maximum power requirements are often only needed for the lowermost section of a multi-thousand foot well. Adjustments of the power versus speed trade off would deliver considerable reductions in conveyance operating time.



The  PowerTrac 318 Select capability enables in-well adjustment functionality. High speed/low drive torque tractoring can be configured in less torturous sections with the option of switching to low speed/high torque tractoring only when absolutely necessary.



This PowerTrac 318 Select enhancement has been run in over 75 jobs in US based land operations for a range of well profiles, with a number of service companies and clients. The in-well speed/force optimisation has delivered as much as a 40% reduction in overall tractor conveyance time.

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