Case Study:

Tractor Conveyance

PowerTrac successfully utilized in challenging HPHT gas wells environment

United Arab Emirates
Unconventional Gas Field
PowerTrac 318

Successful tractor conveyed logging and plug & perforation campaign in Middle East unconventional HPHT gas wells.
  • 26 successful runs
  • Max temperature/pressure: 335 deg F (168 deg C) / 14.5kpsi
  • 5% CO2 / 1% H2S


The Client was planning to execute a logging and plug & perforation campaign in horizontal HPHT wells as part of a major unconventional gas development project. The use of tractor conveyance technology had been attempted unsuccessfully in the past, with the challenging HPHT environment resulting in failures. When evaluating deployment alternatives other challenges arose, namely the inability to pump down the e-line toolstring due to low injectivity rates, and the unavailability of coiled tubing.



Altus Intervention was contacted by the Client to provide an alternative tractor conveyance solution, one that would manage to operate successfully in the specified HPHT environment. The Altus PowerTrac 318 tractor technology utilizing some upgraded electronics was proposed for the campaign, and heat tested to ensure it sustained the expected temperature conditions. The tractor was thoroughly checked out with the relevant wireline tool strings and mobilized for the project.



Using the PowerTrac 318 conveyance solution, a total of 26 runs were executed successfully on 3 wells, conveying a range of logging tools to acquire reservoir and casing integrity data, perforating guns and plugs. The average tractoring distances in this challenging high temperature /high-pressure unconventional gas wells environment was in the order of 2000ft (600m) per well. The success of these operations helped the Client meet their objectives and deadlines.

Thank you for your outstanding performance. Both BHGE and the Operator are very happy with the results and we’ll pass on our recommendations” 

Nabila Larsen, Project Manager, BHGE