Case Study:

Precision Mechanical Applications

PrecisionCollector Proves Highly Effective in Only Six Runs

PrecisionCollector, PrecisionSuction, PrecisionBrush

PrecisionCollector delivers substantially higher litres of debris per run vs competitor's tool


The client needed to remove a column of settled barite debris from above a retrievable bridge plug in order to retrieve the plug and access the well for production. The plug had been placed there for a re-completion operation and the drilling had cleaned out to last reported hold up depth, which indicated approximately 90 litres/12 metres of debris had not been washed out by drilling.



Another company was mobilized with poor results over the 18 runs that they used, the client then decided to mobilize Altus Intervention's PrecisionCollector, PrecisionSuction and PrecisionBrush technologies. Due to short mobilization time, the optimization of tools was not tested prior to the operation.



Initial attempts to collect and remove the debris using a competitor’s system were successful, however collection volumes per run varied widely and depth progress eventually stalled completely, with most of the debris column still in place. The cleanout method was then switched to the PrecisionCollector system which proved highly effective, delivering substantially higher litres per hour and litres per run. A total of 6 runs with the PrecisionCollector removed the debris and tag top of Junk Catcher. The PrecisionSuction system was not run due to the efficiency of the PrecisionCollector. A final hydrostatic bailer run was then completed to remove the debris from inside the plug catcher, hence cleaning the inside fishing neck. Following the removal of the debris, the plug was retrieved with the PrecisionStroker and the well was put in production.

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