Case Study:

Precision Mechanical Applications

PrecisonCollector Captures Wellbore Debris Sample For Multi-Well Campaign

West Africa
PowerTrac 218, PrecisionCollector 250

PrecisionCollector captures wellbore debris samples for type, source and volume identification used for subsequent remedial intervention.


As part of an integrated multi-well, multi-service rigless intervention campaign, the operator required wellbore debris sample collection from several producing and water injection wells. The objective was to ascertain the debris type and source, its location in the well, its deposition nature and the estimated volumes present. This information was essential to design a subsequent wellbore cleanout operation for each well, the goal being to enable access for data acquisition logging operations.




Altus Intervention’s PrecisionCollector wellbore cleanout technology was selected for the job, run in conjunction with the PowerTrac tractor for both conveyance and as an integral part of the debris sampling operation. 


Debris samples of varying volume were successfully collected from each well using the PrecisionCollector, ranging in nature from oily clay to oily sand and scale. The technology also indicated the extent and location of the debris during the operation. The samples, combined with operational parameters observed during the collection process, provided the information required by the customer and for the design of the coiled tubing cleanout program that Altus Intervention will be implementing in the next phase. 

The operation was carried out with the added benefit of multi-disciplined crews covering the wide range of intervention services and technologies deployed during the campaign.

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