Case Study:

Tractor Conveyance

Highly efficient toe perforation conveyance

PowerTrac® PRIME Tractor, Perforation Guns

PowerTrac® PRIMETM conveyance technology reduces tractor conveyance time by 55% on a US Land extended reach well


  • Total tractored distance – 9,724ft (2,964m)
  • Maximum tractor speed of 100ft/min (30m/min)


The operator was preparing the toe stage of an extended reach unconventional well for fracture stimulation. With a measured depth of 22,000ft (6,700m) and extended lateral length of 9,860ft (3,000m), increased speed of tractor conveyance in the horizontal section would offer valuable time savings to the operator.  



Altus Intervention recommended their new eline deployed electrohydraulic PowerTrac® PRIMETM tractor. Leveraging its market-leading tractor conveyance speeds and intelligent in-well speed/force optimization capabilities, the PRIME technology would provide significant operational time savings in such horizontal, extended reach wells.



The PowerTrac® PRIMETM tractor conveyed the perforation gun string to target depth, tractoring a distance of 9,724ft (2964m) along a horizontal lateral having a deviation as high as 93 degrees. Tractor speeds reached a maximum of 100ft/min (30m/min), with an average speed across the full lateral of 67ft/min (21m/min). The job was completed successfully in only 10 hours due to a 55% reduction in tractor conveyance time when compared to what would have been achieved using conventional tractor conveyance technology.