Case Study:

Coiled Tubing & Pumping

Real-time coil provides accuracy during frac stimulation operations

United Kingdom
Coiled Tubing, Real-time Coil, Reverse Circulating


A major North Sea Operator planned to fracture stimulate a newly drilled well in the southern north sea. As part of this perforations were required to be precisely placed in the completion. A fracture stimulation was then to be undertaken and when completed the well was then required to be cleaned out to allow perforations to be placed in the next zone. The process was then to be repeated until a final cleanout was performed and the well was then gas lifted into production.



The Altus Intervention engineering team analysed the operational parameters and prescribed a 2.375” CT package enabled with the RtC system. The RtC was utilised to accurately place the required perforations whilst the 2.375” CT allowed for an efficient cleanout. To ensure the technologies offered were fully utilised a multi-disciplinary crew was mobilised allowing the logging, perforating and coiled tubing work to be efficiently carried out. Complementary technologies including RtC, bespoke perforating guns and a fluid friction reducer allowed the post frac cleanout and subsequent next zone perforation run to be combined and completed with the necessary accuracy. With all zones completed and to ensure the wellbore was fully cleaned out, thus reducing well cleanup time, a reverse circulating cleanout was performed. During this the RtC was utilised to ensure downhole pressure limitations were met. Finally, the CT was tripped into the well to perform a gas lift and bring the well online for the first time.


During the campaign 3 zones were fracture stimulated within 7 days. This represented a significant saving in both time and cost against previous similar  operations for the Operator. It should also be noted that all operations were carried out safely, with no accidents or incidents and no downtime attributed to CT&P operations.