Case Study:

Pipeline & Process

Sealine Pipeline Installation

K6, L4 and L7 Dutch Continental Shelf of the North Sea
Q1 - Q2 2017
Pigging, Hydrotesting, Dewatering, Baseline Intelligent, Pigging Operations, Umbilical Testing

  • Successful pigging of mid-line tee piece
  • Management of four teams of offshore personnel located on four separate installations


A tee piece was installed at a crucial intersection to connect the new SEALINE pipeline to the existing K6C-K6GT pipeline. The design of the tee piece was such that it presented our team with the challenge of designing pigs that would not only transition this tee piece but at the point of this transition ensure a seal remained between the pig driving discs on the inner pipe wall.


Following discussions and detailed engineering analysis of the pipeline systems between Altus Intervention and our pig suppliers an articulated pig design was proposed that would meet the challenge of successfully transitioning this tee piece whilst maintaining a driving force.


The pigs supplied performed the operation as intended with no loss of seal and were received in a good condition on the K6C platform.