Case Study:

Pipeline & Process

Successful Revalidation of Existing Pipeline

Front End Engineering; Pressure Pumping and Pigging; Flooding, Cleaning and Gauging; Hydro Testing And Strength Testing; Pipeline Revalidation

Successful revalidation of existing pipeline assures safe operation of pipeline system
  • De-oiling campaign managed in its entirety
  • Pipeline cleaned to 30ppm of hydrocarbons in water


To de-oil, clean and revalidate a pipeline selected for replacement on the Eider platform. The campaign was performed to enable the pipeline’s continued production before being replaced by a new water injection and oil pipeline. The pipeline was to be cleaned to the accepted North Sea standard of 30 parts per million (ppm) of hydrocarbons in water.  


Altus Intervention managed the de-oiling campaign in its entirety.  Through the provision of experienced personnel and equipment, as well as the allocation of specialist sub-contractors.


The de-oiling of the pipeline system and subsequent hydrostatic testing were successfully achieved by running a range of pipeline pigs. The cleaning regime complied with North Sea standards and successful hydrotesting assured the client that the Eider pipeline system could remain active until the delivery and installation of the replacement pipeline.

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