Case Study:

Tractor Conveyance

Successful Tractor Job For Pipe Recovery Operations

PowerTrac 218

Successfully tractored an array of tools to specified depth to allow client to carry out pipe recovery operations.  
  • 17,496ft achieved depth
  • 18,300ft distance tractored


A South Texas operator became stuck while drilling the lateral section of a horizontal well.  Pumping down electric line based pipe recovery tools was not possible due to a lack of circulation


An Altus Intervention crew were quickly assembled and the PowerTrac218 and associated slim OD intervention tools were mobilized to provide conveyance. Perforating guns were initially conveyed to establish circulation in the drill string before a radial cutting torch was conveyed to sever the drill pipe.  The tractor tools reached an ultimate measured depth of 17,496ft. and tallied over 18,300ft (3 runs) of cumulative tractor driven distance. The client was able to recover the free portion of the drill string which allowed them to proceed with drilling operations.  


The job was successfully completed with no tool failures and it allowed the client to progress with pipe recovery operations. 

  • Total Depth: 17,496ft.
  • Maximum Deviation : 94.8deg
  • Lateral Length : 6000ft
  • BHT : 289F
  • Min Restriction : 4.276”

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