Case Study:

Precision Mechanical Applications

Wellbore Cleanout Removes 154 litres of Barite scale

PowerTrac 218, PrecisionCollector 250

PrecisionCollector removes severe BARITE scale obstruction, restoring well production.


  • 154 litres of BARITE scale recovered in 24 runs
  • Well access and well production restored


To remove the severe build-up of hard Barite scale that had amassed in the inner string of a shut-in well, impairing completion component integrity and preventing intervention access. The top most Sliding Slide Door (SSD), located at 2,523 metres measured depth, experienced related closure problems. The Barite had to be cleaned out from the top of the SSD with an available drift ID of only 2.797”. Slickline broaches were initially run to clear the obstruction but were unable to advance beyond 2,518 metres. Well access was required to run a tubing punch to establish communication with the target reservoir and restore well production.



An E-line deployed 2.5” OD PrecisionCollector was selected to resolve this challenge. This technology provided a viable and cost-effective solution which compared favourably against the more time-consuming coiled tubing deployed option. Feasibility was confirmed after rigorous testing in the Altus Intervention Engineering Facility. Furthermore, a surface Wellsite Washout System was engineered to provide effective removal and collection of debris from the PrecisionCollector chambers ensuring a time efficient multi-run operation.


The PrecisionCollector removed 154 litres of Barite at 2,512 metres over 24 runs. Rapid turnaround between each run was secured by the Wellsite Washout System. The PrecisionCollector progressed where the Slickline option could not, effectively removing the Barite scale from this small ID. A multi-finger caliper log confirmed the obstruction had been effectively removed, enabling the subsequent tubing puncher run to perforate the inner tubing at 2,520 metres. This established communication to the zone of interest and production was restored with significantly improved oil and gas rates.

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