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Coiled Tubing & Pumping

Coiled Tubing Lift Frames


The company has a range of lift frames rated form 250-350 tonne. The Altus Intervention designed and built frames facilitate simplistic and straight forward manoeuvring due to a pioneering design which allows the frame to be turned from "flat" horizontal to vertical in one action. Its 20" large bore hole centre enables deployment of dual bore completions and large bore risers. Fitted with a standard 5" drill pipe nubbin, it can be installed in virtually all rig floors and derricks.  With a recent safety review and design developments, these are some of the safest and most flexible frames available


  • Intervention lift frame allows simultaneous rig-up of wireline and coiled tubing saving rig-time and improving safety
  • Frames fitted with davit manipulator arm options to increase flexibility of operation without impact on the work window inside the frame


  • Articulated base option offers easy manoeuvrability and flexibility of use
  • There are two different options for the surface test tree interface; to cater for most surface test tree designs
  • Lightweight option available



  • Removable work platforms c/w hand rails are able to be fitted to the front and rear of the lower section on the frame for reduced man-riding and safer operation
  • Remote control station enables enhanced control for rig-up
  • Dedicated power pack supplies hydraulics power
  • Main winch has dual brakes for increased safety





From 250 – 350 tonne


Frames certified to API 8C / DNV No. 2.22 / AWS D1.1 / ASME IX



Weight data

From 9,000 kg to 22,000 kg

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