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Coiled Tubing & Pumping

Coiled Tubing Live Link

Since its introduction in 2013, real-time coil (RtC) has been providing invaluable real-time downhole data on coiled tubing (CT) jobs.  Now, to further enhance Altus Intervention’s real-time data offering, the coiled tubing team have developed Live Link, a new technology platform - supporting our client demands for immediate decision making during well intervention operations. This new technology allows the RtC downhole data to be merged with surface CT data and transferred to a cloud-based viewing platform onshore in real-time.


Coiled Tubing Operations 
- Any conventional CT application
- Any RtC application


  • Data available from coiled tubing surface equipment and downhole tools.
  • View up to 12 individual parameters including CT depth, running speed, surface pressure, downhole pressures, CCL and GR, in real-time, on any internet-enabled device.
  • Data is displayed both numerically and graphically at a frequency of 1Hz.
  • Viewed through web portal available on any internet-connected device.



  • Connects onshore experts with real-time data.
  • Crew can react quickly to changing conditions and make informed decisions as offshore operations progress. 
  • Improves operational efficiency and provides more value as downhole uncertainties are reduced or eliminated.

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