Spec Sheet:

Coiled Tubing & Pumping

Coiled Tubing Real-time Coil

Our intelligent Real-time Coil (RtC) system optimizes operational efficiency facilitating informed decision making based on accurate and live information, logging data without additional runs. 


Suited to all coiled tubing operations 
- Enhance conventional coiled tubing (CT) operations with pump through GR/CCL, dual pressure and temperature surface read out (SRO) gauge. 
- Conveyance of SRO production logging tools.



  • Control, monitor and assess live data from downhole coiled tubing operations.
  • Two modes of operation:
  •     Intelligent CT - enhance standard CT operations
  •     Logging CT - deploy logging tool string
  • Real-time operational risk reduction.
  • Continuous and accurate depth correlation and measurement.
  • When combined with Live Link, real-time data can be transferred to onshore team. 



  • Enhances the accuracy of standard CT operations. 
  • Enables efficient conveyance of logging tools into deviated wells.
  • Clients can monitor and optimise job performance in real-time.
  • Improves operational efficiency and provides more value as downhole uncertainties are reduced or eliminated.
  • Deployed by experienced and multi-disciplined Altus Intervention crew.

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