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Precision Mechanical Applications

Direct Drive Rotation

Direct Drive Rotation

Rotational force for mechanical applications

The Direct Drive Rotation (DDR) is a DC powered tool that provides the rotational torque forces for a wide range of mechanical services. The DDR is run in combination with PowerTrac®, which provides the rolling anchor to counter rotational forces, weight on bit and conveyance in deviated wells.


  • Scale milling
  • Metal milling
  • Glass plug milling
  • Brushing
  • Honing
  • Cutting
  • Debris collection



  • Built in electronic protection
  • Starts automatically
  • Robust design

Direct drive rotation specifications


DDR 212

DDR 318

Tool body outer
2.500 inches
/ 63.5 mm
3.125 inches
/ 79.4mm
Tool length8.0 ft. / 2.44m8.7 ft. / 2.65m
Pressure rating20,000 psi
/ 1,379 bar
20,000 psi
/ 1,379 bar
177 °C/350 °F177 °C/350 °F
Design torque≤110 Nm≤110 Nm

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