Spec Sheet:

Wire & Cable Deployment

Fishing Container


Ultra heavy duty fishing services with an advanced fleet of & multi-functional wireline equipment to enhance oil and gas well maintenance designed for deployment on land, platform and deepwater subsea conditions.

A comprehensive ultra heavy duty fishing service, which can be tailored to meet the client’s requirements. Our equipment and personnel provide best-in-class service for each application whilst enhancing the safety and operational performance.


Our equipment includes:

• Multifunction units (c/w the latest high strength 5/16” Dyform cable)

• Lightweight modular packages

• 2 11/16” high impact jars and accelerators (>150,000lbf)

• Specialised ultra heavy duty fishing tools

• Onshore 3D CAD design support

• Bespoke tool design

• Fully supported client based operations worldwide

• Tailor tool strings to achieve the best performance

Applications for service:

• Recover stuck or damaged flow control devices

• Recovery of broken wireline cables and tool strings

• Recovery of slickline, braided cable and electric line lost in wellbore

• Recovery of coiled tubing strings and bottom hole assemblies

• Large bore sand / bailing

• TCP gun deployment

• Screen deployment


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