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Fishing Services & Heavy Duty Fishing Services

Fishing Services & Heavy Duting Fishing Services

The experience, knowledge and understanding of client requirements, is key to a well-planned and safely executed fishing intervention. The safety and efficiency of any operation is subject to two critical factors namely People and Equipment. The Heavy Duty Fishing business is a specialised service that relies not only on the knowledge and skill of the personnel participating in it, but also the quality and reliability of the equipment involved.

No job is looked upon as “standard”. Interventions are well planned and engineered ahead of time on a well-by-well basis. Contingencies are dealt with prior to loadout to ensure a safe and smooth operation. With Altus Intervention resources, the fishing division has been proven as a cost effective alternative to a well workover.


Traditional intervention operations

• Retrieval of stuck flow control devices

• Retrieval of “parted” slickline and braided line cables

• Retrieval of lost or stuck toolstrings


Altus Intervention fully understands that a Heavy Duty Wireline Fishing Service is more than just a wireline unit, “big” cable and “fancy” tools. To provide an extensive and complete service the company offers experienced and competent Specialist Fishing Supervisors who will take responsibility for running the job. Personnel are selected not only on experience basis but because they are methodical, can adapt easily and move quickly with operation.

Altus Intervention deliver a differentiated approach to providing fishing equipment. This approach allows for the optimal operational efficiency and minimises downtime. When in operation we include basic fishing tools as part of the standard wireline tool container. This inventory is based on client demand and own experience. This allows offshore personnel to start attempting to fish while the Heavy Duty equipment is being mobilised.

Altus Intervention always has a fully fitted Heavy Duty fishing container available onshore in Stavanger. This will be sufficient for most fishing operations. In extreme cases, Altus Intervention has an Ultra Heavy Duty Fishing container available. This provides the most advanced fishing equipment available. This unit is  mobilized out of Aberdeen, Stavanger or Esbjerg and normal delivery time to client is four days.


HD Fishing equipment

Heavy Duty Sheaves
All units are supplied with a minimum of four heavy duty 5/16” sheaves. These sheaves are proof tested to 40,000lbs which exceeds the maximum pull seen at the sheave should the wire be pulled to destruction.

• Compact and lightweight design

• Handguard/pinch point protector

• Excellent strength and durability


Fishing Tooling

Specialist companies supply all Ultra Heavy Duty Tooling to us. These tools are the latest cutting edge technology supplied to meet the market's demands. We are in operational use of the Peak 2 11/16” Fishing String with some excellent results. Already we have confirmed the ability to shear a 1” mild steel pin equating to 80,000lbs with ease. Calculations have suggested that with the optimum accelerator and jar setting, impact forces equating to in excess of 150,000lbs could be seen downhole.

Altus Intervention has identified key slickline manufacturing companies with engineering support who have previous wireline fishing tool design experience. The criteria of the tools supplied to Altus Intervention is that they are designed to withstand high impact forces associated with 5/16” Ultra Heavy Duty Fishing Services (UHDFS).

Tool packages currently consist of Peak 1 ½”, 1 7/8”, 2 1/8” and 2 ½” Heavy Duty Fishing Strings and Wireline Engineering Roller Boggie cutter bars for 5/16”. Although relatively new companies to the market, they bring a fresh approach with cutting edge designs and a proven track record. With the ability to manufacture specialist tools at short notice they provide us with the flexibility required throughout any stage of a fishing operation.


Basic components of a fishing tool container:

• Releasable Rope Sockets (Shear Pin and Drop Bar Type)

• Accelerators (High load type)

• Heavy Duty Stem Bars

• Jars (Range setting) 0-8000lbs

• Knuckle joints

• Overshots

• Heavy Duty Pulling Tools

• Heavy Duty Releasable Spears

• Wire Finder Grabs

• Heavy Duty OEM tools (ie Heavy Duty GS pulling tools)

• Heavy Duty Jar Down Toolstring (3” stem and 10ft Stroke Tubular Jar)

• 2 11/16” Heavy Duty Strings


All components are supplied with a connection that is fit to withstand the heavy impact forces created with jarring.


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