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Cased-Hole Logging

Fluid Density Inertial

Fluid Density Inertial

Density Measurement

The Fluid Density Inertial (FDI) tool uses the inertial response characteristics of a vibrating tuning fork to determine the density of the wellbore fluid mixture. The FDI tool is a non-radioactive method of determining density that is unaffected by well deviation.


Key Features

  • Production profiling
  • Fluid identification
  • Horizontal and highly deviated wells
  • High flow rates
  • Combinable with other GE Ultrawire™ tools
  • Memory or surface read-out operation
  • Non-radioactive

Technical Information

Service Name


Length522 mm / 20.55 in
Weight3.6 kg / 7.94 lbs
OD43 mm / 1.688 in
Maximum Pressure1030 bar / 15 000 psi
Maximum Temperature177 °C / 350 °F


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