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Precision Mechanical Applications

Instrument Dynamic Controller

Instrument Dynamic Controller

The Instrument Dynamic Controller (IDC) is designed to prevent a PowerTrac® conveyed toolstring from moving when stopped in a wellbore with deviation greater than 90 degrees i.e. uphill. It is also used to prevent rotation of a tool string which is being orientated. The IDC is placed above the PowerTrac® and opened when on depth. The high grip pads then provide the additional friction that prevents uphole and downhole movement or angular rotation.


  • Tractor conveyance in wells with deviation greater than 90 degrees
  • Orientation of perforating guns



  • Can be fitted with different profile contact pads for different casing diameters
  • Simple open and close function via multi-purpose panel
  • Shear pin overpull release to close arms in case of motor failure



  • Conveyance and data quality assurance in wells with deviation greater than 90 degrees
  • Improved operational efficiency


Service Name


Tool body outer diameter

3.125 inches/79.4 mm


3.54 ft./1.08m

Minimum restriction ID

3.50 inches/88.9mm

Operating range

3.5 – 8.8 inches/88.9 – 223.5mm

Pressure rating

15,000 psi/1,034 bar

Temperature rating

177 °C/350 °F

Maximum torque

150 ft. lb/200Nm

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