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Coiled Tubing & Pumping

Nitrogen Services

Nitrogen services

Flexible nitrogen pumping equipment including a range of convertors – both Zone II and NORSOK standard available.  Various configurations including a split-lift unit for weight restricted locations.  Substantial fleet of nitrogen storage/transportation tanks from 4.5bar – 6 bar working pressure, housed in DNV 2.7-1 certified frames.


  • Nitrogen convertors and tanks required for general nitrogen pumping operations in an oilfield environment


  • Soundproofed engines to 80dB(A)
  • 3GP gas monitoring system on many assets
  • Zone II, DNV2.7-1 and NORSOK specification convertors available
  • Tanks do not have back fill lines and eliminate risk of LN2 spills. 
  • Suction and fill connections 1-1/2” female union type LI150



  • Engraved stainless steel control panel with central control and visual display of rates, pressures (includes chart recorder)
  • Tanks fitted with dual line penetrations into the tank with fitment of independent relief valves – eliminates risk of ice plug blocking the line connected on the relief valves
  • Tie down rings and forklift pockets fitted for ease of transportation




N2 convertor

Maximum pump pressure: 10,000psi

Maximum pump rate: 180,000 scf/hr

Weight: 14,000kg (single), 8,700kg (split lift)

N2 tanks

10’ and 13’ft options

4.5 bar or 6 bar working pressure

7570 to 7800 litre capacity

Weight up to 5,500kg (Tare) / 11,467kg (gross)


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