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Over pressurisation protection skid (OPPS)

Over pressurisation protection skid (OPPS)

Over-Pressurisation Protection Skid designed to be installed in-line during pumping / pressurisation operations to provide protection against accidental over-pressurisation of system.


  • Maximum operating pressures:
  • Process or Sensing pipework - 6Kpsig (413Bar) or 10Kpsig (690Bar)
  • Shutdown air connection - 150psig (10Bar)



  • Tied into the shut-down system of the diesel/electric driven pump, the OPPS automatically senses any over-pressurisation of the system and shuts down the pump whilst safely ventingexcess pressure. This will protect plant and equipment
  • Open frame construction manufactured from Stainless Steel
  • Using 5 adjustable pressure switches with overlapping ranges, the OPPS can be set to relieve between 10psi and 10,000psi
  • Vent points for all connections, chart recorder connection and 2 x connections capable of accepting 4” and or 10” standard test gauges
  • Panel connections are split into two groups on opposite sides of the panel so that vents and chart recorder outlet are on one side, with inputs on the other side



  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with Sound Engineering Practice (SEP)

Weight Data

Gross Weight75kg




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