Spec Sheet:

Pipeline & Process

Pipeline/process workshop container

Pipeline/process workshop container


  • 110v/220v 16a 50/60Hz Power Supply via EEX ed Plug. Provided for container main, and workbench lighting



  • Intended for storing and maintaining pipeline/process equipment 
  • Container is suitable for use in Group 2 Category III (Zone 2) Gas Group IIB T3 hazardous area
  • All drawers fitted with roller bearings for easy access for the operator. Stops are installed to stop drawer from coming out fully
  • Fitted out for simple and safe maintenance, all drawer frontsmarked up warning of equipment over 25kgs
  • Fitted with lighting, bench vice, and good storage boxes for easy access
  • ISO Corner Castings fitted for securing to trucks
  • Tie-down rings fitted for chaining to trucks / vessel or rig site



  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with DNV2.7-1 specification
  • Certified to allow the duty holder to demonstrate compliance with the regulations of SI 913

Weight Data

Tare Weight2,400kg
Gross Weight9,400kg




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