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PrecisionHydraulic Shifting Tool

PrecisionHydraulic Shifting Tool

Manipulate and control your well

The PrecisionHydraulic Shifting Tool (HST) is a bi-directional shifting tool used in combination with the PrecisionStroker for selective opening or closing of sliding sleeves and completion valves.


  • Shifting of sliding sleeves and completion valves



  • Two sets of shifting dogs per tool
  • Deployed slick, and shifting dogs extended at required depth
  • Multiple, fast response activation and deactivation functionality
  • Improved profile engagement through spring-loaded dogs (in search mode)
  • Run in conjunction with PrecisionStroker, offering downhole stroke force and position control (+/- 1 mm)
  • Optional back up mechanical system to limit applied force
  • Interchangeable shifting dog sets available for most common sleeves/valves


  • High operational efficiency; unlimited number of shifting sequences
  • Real-time confirmation of the sleeve/valve movement
  • Electrical feed-through allowing E-Line tools to confirm real-time impact of component manoeuvre

PrecisionHydraulic Shifting Tool specifications

Service NameHST 250HST 338HST 354HST 441
Tool body outer diameter2.500 inches / 63.5 mm3.382 inches / 85.9 mm3.543 inches / 90.0 mm4.409 inches / 112.0 mm
Max shifting profile2.81 inches / 71.4 mm4.44 inches / 113 mm4.17 inches / 106 mm5.16 inches / 131.1 mm
Length5.71 ft. / 1.74m4.92 ft. / 1.5m6.16 ft. / 1.88 m4.92 ft. / 1.5 m
Number of shifting dogs up/down3/33/35/53/3
Pressure rating15,000 psi / 1,034 bar15,000 psi / 1,034 bar15,000 psi / 1,034 bar15,000 psi / 1,034 bar
Temperature rating177°C / 350°F177°C / 350°F177°C / 350°F177°C / 350°F
Electrical feed through1NoYesYesNo

When spacer extension is added there is no electrical feedthrough

Other bespoke sizes available


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