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Precision Mechanical Applications



Precision cleaning of tubing and profiles

The PrecisionBrush is used to clean tubing and completion components by removing thin deposits of wellbore debris that could affect sealing integrity or mechanical functionality. It is run in combination with PowerTrac® for conveyance (if deviated), and  rotational anchoring, coupled with a Direct Drive Rotation (DDR) device to generate the required rotational torque and RPM.


  • Removal of debris affecting seal integrity
  • Cleaning plug setting areas
  • Brushing of downhole safety valve flow tube cavities and nipple profiles
  • Removal of rust, scale, wax etc. from tubing seal bores and profiles
  • Preventive maintenance in scale environment

Key Features

  • E-Line conveyed, powered device
  • Customisable brush bottom hole assembly (BHA)


  • Cost effective preventive maintenance and repair option compared to coiled tubing, hydraulic workover units or workover rigs
  • Precise, low-risk wellbore cleanout service
  • Brush flexibility enables passage through well restrictions
  • Light on logistics, footprint, personnel and time

PrecisionBrush Specifications

Service name

PrecisionBrush 225

PrecisionBrush 315

Tool body outer diameter 12.250 inches / 57.2 mm3.150 inches / 80.0 mm

Brush diameter

Length3.3 ft. / 1.0 m3.3 ft / 1.0 m
Minimum ID2.375 inches / 60.3 mm3.275 inches / 83.2 mm
Maximum ID / ExpansionCustomisableCustomisable
System Pressure Rating15,000 psi / 1,034 bar15,000 psi / 1,034 bar

System Temperature Rating

177°C / 350°F177°C / 350°F
Operational torque 2≤ 110 Nm≤ 110 Nm
Operational RPM 2≤ 180 rpm≤ 180 rpm

1. Tool OD only (not brush OD).
2. Standard output. Customisable down gearing possible with a 3:1 gear.
3. Brush assembly length depending on configuration. Length excludes PowerTrac® and other system components.


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