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Precision Mechanical Applications



Clean and access your well

The PrecisionCollector is a robust, full system cleanout technology that can remove a wide range of debris types in varying well conditions. It mills, agitates and dislodges the debris downhole, collecting and retaining it in reservoir chambers for transportation out of hole. It is run in combination with PowerTrac® for anchoring and providing weight on bit, coupled with a Direct Drive Rotation (DDR) device to generate the required rotational force.


  • Removal and collection of a wide range of wellbore debris:
  • Unconsolidated (e.g. proppants, sand)
  • Consolidated (settled barites, hard scale)
  • Vicious (asphaltenes, waxes)
  • Wells where circulation for cleanout is not recommended or not possible



  • Robust mechanical collection mechanism, not requiring fluid circulation
  • Mechanical interaction and friction separates debris from fluid, rather than filtration
  • Highest solids recovery content per collected volume of debris
  • Customisable bottom hole assembly (BHA) with operational flexibility depending on debris in well
  • Real-time monitoring of key milling parameters; weight on bit (WOB), bit speed, vibration



  • Provides loosening, collection and recovery of debris to surface in one run
  • Best technology option if debris composition and consistency is unknown or varying
  • Operates in wet and dry environments
  • Precise, cost effective and low risk wellbore cleanout service
  • Light on logistics, footprint, personnel and time

PrecisionCollector Specifications

PrecisionCollector 250
PrecisionCollector 350
PrecisionCollector 380
PrecisionCollector 450
Tool body outer diameter 12.50 inches / 63.5mm3.50 inches / 88.9mm3.8 inches / 96.5mm4.5 inches / 114.3mm
Typical bit types usedPrecisionRock Bit

PrecisionRock Bit

PrecisionRock Bit

PrecisionRock Bit

Recommended minimum bit size OD≥ 2.625 inches≥ 3.625 inches≥ 3.925 inches≥ 4.625 inches
Capacity per resevoir chamber OD2.36 litres / 0.62 gallons5.16 litres / 1.36 gallons5.8 litres / 1.53 gallons9.4 litres /2.48 gallons
Makeup length single resevoir chamber3.6 ft./1.10m3.9 ft. / 1.19m3.9 ft. / 1.19m3.9 ft. / 1.19m
"Standard” configuration capacity 2,411.8 litres / 3.12 gallons25.8 litres / 6.82 gallons29.0 litres / 7.66 gallons47.0 litres /12.42 gallons
“Standard” configuration total makeup length 2,519.4 ft. / 5.91m21.8 ft. / 6.65m21.8 ft. / 6.65m21.8 ft. / 6.64m
System pressure rating15,000 psi / 1,034bar15,000 psi / 1,034bar15,000 psi / 1,034bar15,000 psi / 1,034bar
System temperature rating177 °C / 350 °F177 °C / 350 °F177 °C / 350 °F177 °C / 350 °F
DeviationsVertical to horizontalVertical to horizontalVertical to horizontalVertical to horizontal
Operational torque 3≤110 Nm≤ 110 Nm≤ 110 Nm≤ 110 Nm
Operational RPM 3≤180 rpm≤180 rpm≤180 rpm≤180 rpm

1. Tool OD only (not bit OD).
2. Standard configuration for PrecisionCollector is 5 reservoir chambers but may be increased dependent on rig up height.
3. Standard output. Customisable down gearing possible with a 3:1 gear.
4. Excludes volume in bottom connector for all sizes and top section for 350,380 and 450
5. Length includes reservoir chambers. Does not include length of RockBit, Direct Drive Rotation, PowerTrac® and accessories.


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