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Precision Mechanical Applications



Clean and access your well

The PrecisionDebrisMill is used to remove debris preventing access to completion targets, causing internal diameter changes, or choking production/injection. It is run in combination with PowerTrac® for anchoring, coupled with a Direct Drive Rotation (DDR) device to generate the required rotational force. This service is designed without debris collection, with the debris either falling to the bottom of the well for collection in the rathole, or circulated out for surface collection.


  • Removal of a wide range of wellbore debris e.g. scale, asphaltenes, cement stringers, rust
  • Milling out glass plugs


Key Features

  • E-Line conveyed, powered device
  • Combinable with PowerTrac® for conveyance
  • Real-time monitoring of key milling parameters 
  • Can be run with a Hole Opener to achieve precise and smooth milling
  • Optional Shock Absorber and mechanical Straight Pull Release Tool



  • Optimised milling speed, reduced risk of stalling
  • Precise, cost effective and low risk wellbore cleanout service
  • Light on logistics, footprint, personnel and time

PrecisionDebrisMill Specifications

Service Name

PrecisionDebrisMill 212

PrecisionDebrisMill 318

Tool body outer diameter 1

2.500 inches / 63.5 mm

3.125 inches / 79.4 mm

Typical bit types used

Rock Bit

Rock Bit

Recommended minimum Bit size OD 2,3

≥ 2.625 inches

≥ 3.250 inches

Standard configuration total length 4,5

8 ft. / 2.44 m

8.7 ft. / 2.65 m

Pressure rating

20,000 psi / 1,379 bar

20,000 psi / 1,379 bar

Temperature rating

177°C / 350°F

177°C / 350°F


All - 0°(vertical) to horizontal

All - 0°(vertical) to horizontal

Design Torque

≤ 110 Nm

≤ 110 Nm

Design RPM

≤ 180 rpm

≤ 180 rpm

1 Tool OD only (not bit OD).
2 Based on API standard designation
3 Bit OD greater than tool OD. Recommended bit OD with 0.0625“ radial clearance between tool and bit
4  Standard configuration for 2.5” and 3.125” OD direct drive rotational adapters respectively.
5 Length of Direct Drive Rotation. Does not include length of Rockbit, PowerTrac® and accessories.


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