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Precision Mechanical Applications


PrecisionExpander 318

The PrecisionExpander 318 is designed to repair damaged completion components e.g. DHSV flow tubes, mule shoes and slightly collapsed production tubing, thus re-enabling component functionality and/or wellbore access.

It is run in combination with the PrecisionStroker, converting the stroker axial position and force to a radial position and force.


  • Expansion of collapsed TR-DSHV flow tubes
  • Repair of damaged mule shoe
  • Repair of slightly collapsed/dented production tubing



  • E-Line deployed/powered device with real-time measurement and control
  • Stroker axial force amplified to a high radial force (circa 4x)
  • No axial force applied onto damaged area
  • Precise control of expansion OD (0.1 mm resolution)
  • Unlimited expansion cycles
  • Inherent fail safe functionality
  • Immediate drift verification capability



  • In-well repair solution, minimising time, cost and risk exposure
  • Precise, light on logistics, footprint and personnel

PrecisionExpander 318 Specifications


PrecisionExpander 318

Minimum OD13.38in/86.0mm
Maximum Expansion OD16.8858/174.2mm


Pressure RatingN/A
Temperature Rating177°C/350°F
Maximum Radial Force2132,300lbs/60,000kgs
  1. 1Dependent on expander dog size used
  2. 2Dependent on friction factor and run in conjunction with PrecisionStroker 318

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