Spec Sheet:

Precision Mechanical Applications



Installation of GS deployed completion components

The PrecisionGS is used in combination with the PrecisionStroker to install completion components eliminating the need for jarring. It consists of a standard GS tool and a release sleeve arrangement that replaces the GS tool shear pin.


  • Setting Junk Catcher on installed retrievable bridge plug
  • Setting blank pipes (spacers) on stackable straddle systems


Key Features



  • Eliminates jarring action hence avoiding potential damage to installed bridge plugs or completion equipment
  • Improved reliability and operational efficiency in highly deviated wells


Service Name


OD release sleeve / Centraliser for 4” GS 14.10 inches / 104.1mm
Length of release sub10.63 inches / 270mm
Pressure rating15,000 psi / 1,034 bar
Temperature rating177°C / 350°F

1 Other sizes available on request

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