Spec Sheet:

Precision Mechanical Applications



Precise polishing of seal bore areas

The PrecisionHone and the PrecisionTwinHone are used to hone seal bores by removing deposits (scale, rust) and minor protruding obstructions that affect the sealing integrity of completion components, e.g. downhole safety valve. They are run in combination with PowerTrac® for anchoring and conveyance, coupled with a hydraulic rotation adapter to generate the required rotational force.


  • Honing seal bore areas
  • Preventive maintenance in scale environments
  • Removal of scale, rust


Key Features

  • E-Line conveyed, powered device
  • Combines axial and rotational motion for smooth honing
  • Customisable hone OD
  • Slip over no-go adapter can be used for precise positioning
  • No-go profile and spacing is customisable


  • Cost effective preventive maintenance or repair option for re-establishing seal bore integrity instead of pulling the completion components
  • Light on logistics, footprint, personnel and time

PrecisionHone/TwinHone Specifications

Service Name



Tool body outer diameter 13. 346 inches / 85.0mm
Hone Body OD2.362 inches / 60.0 mm
Hone diameterCustomisable
Length 26.6 ft. / 2.0m9.8 ft. / 3.0m
Stroke length19.7 inches / 500 mm
Minimum ID2.487 inches / 63.2 mm
Maximum ID10.20 inches / 259.1 mm
System pressure rating15,000 psi / 1,034 bar
System temperature rating75 °C / 167 °F
Operational RPM≤ 150 rpm

1Tool OD only (not Hone OD).
2Length includes Hydraulic Rotation Adapter and standard hone brushes but is also customisable depending on required configuration. Does not include length of PowerTrac® and accessories.


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